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Troy Gua

Why Did I Paint That?


acrylic and stain on panel


13x17x2” in walnut frame


instagram: @troygua



About this artwork:


"This is a piece that’s been on my mind for a bit. I think about the absurdity of human existence often - what are we here for? Is there a purpose to all this? - and as an artist, a maker of luxury items and immaterial images, I ponder my purpose in today’s world constantly. Before you go and tell me how much joy my work brings, which, dear reader, is indeed the fuel that stokes my fire, one could get that joy elsewhere, and without my particular brand of joy in this world, life would go on.


Making art is the ultimate practice in Sisyphean absurdism - I am compelled to make things that didn’t exist before, and then I cast them aside to make new things - for what? But I’m compelled. I gotta do it. I’m so fortunate - the pleasure, the privilege is mine - but so is the compulsion. I gotta.


But why am I painting *this*? Why *this* instead of *that*? Why even paint at all? Why paint this instead of protesting? Why paint this instead of volunteering at a food shelter? Why paint this instead of vacuuming the house? Why paint this instead of going for a walk? Why paint this instead of adopting an animal? A human?


My only answer is I must. I have a drive. I need to make things are aren’t needed. I guess that’s a pretty human experience, isn’t it?"

Troy Gua, Why Did I Paint That?

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