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Photo by Steve Gilbert, Nov 2023

The Hideout opened on March 24, 2005. Owners Greg Lundgren and Jeff Scott had in mind a different kind of bar and set forth to make their dream a reality. With virtually no past experience in bar operation, they approached it from the eyes of patrons – what kind of bar would they want to hang out in? 

Well, it had to be dark. And the drinks would have to be top-notch – hand squeezed juice even. It would have to have a little glamor – Seattle needed to grow out of its college years and at least pretend to have some style and culture. Yeah, make it look old. No white plastic or energy drinks. Make it a place where you can talk with your friends. Make it a place where the bartender knows your name and you are not embarrassed to go there by yourself. Make it a place you are proud to take your out-of-town friends to.

Currently we have 110 artworks on display from over 90 artists. (December 2023)

Over 80 of those artworks on view are available for purchase.

We publish a magazine style catalog periodically when needed. You can find these behind the bar or order them online at Blurb.

Artworks are curated by Jeremy Buben

For more information on how to purchase a piece, please e-mail us at: or buy through our online gallery

Sold paintings rotate out at the end of each month.

We're happy to arrange payment plans. 

We can deliver to Seattle area collectors.

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