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WILD LIFE is a gathering of realistic animal themed artworks from 9 Northwest artists. We've selected a variety of artworks by artists who have practices that focus on depicting wild animals. Amongst the birds, snakes, sea life, and mammals on display you'll find artworks that tackle the issues that wild life face from climate change and human activity, artworks that show the abundance and diversity of life below the waters that surround us, and works that show animal traits that aren't too dissimilar from our own human emotions and mannerisms. I'm so thrilled to present this collection of exceptional animal themed artworks to you!

curated by Jeremy Buben

Friday June 14 // 5-10pm
Belltown Art Walk
Animal Instinct Salon
presented by Psychopomp Projects
literature, music & performance
Sunday June 16 // 7pm
Artist Panel
Saturday July 13 // 11am
Lions Like Us
presented by Red Light Lit
literature, music & performance
Saturday July 20 // 7pm
Additional events & programming TBA:
Taxidermy Show & Tell with Betty Putnam
Projections from Ursula Brookbank
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